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What can we offer besides money?

We know the private equity investing market is competitive and we believe investors need to provide more than capital to make investments successful. Put simply, we want to help build private middle market companies and we have a team that is well suited to the task, particularly in chemicals and healthcare.

Having guided companies through a variety of circumstances, Anchor’s extended team are investors and operators who work closely with management and shareholders to build equity value and to move to a realization of that value.

Typically in their role as directors and advisors, representatives of Anchor actively participate in:

  • Establishing strategic direction
  • Management team building
  • Identifying, evaluating, structuring, financing and integrating acquisitions
  • Advising on divestitures
  • Arranging financing to support growth
  • Advising on refinancing or recapitalization opportunities
  • Advising on exit strategies and timing to maximize returns for all shareholders


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